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Top Evan Is Writing a Scholarship Essay Guide!

<h1> Top Evan Is Writing a Scholarship Essay Guide! </h1> <p>Start conceptualizing now, and you may find yourself a victor! Plan well early and invest adequate energy in intuition what things to compose. For example, in case you're requesting a general scholastic grant, you might need to talk about a specific class you took that truly provoked your curiosity or motivated your current scholarly and vocation targets. Applying for school takes bunches of work. </p> <p>Since you can see, some are the ordinary superhuman' type, while some aren't. Remember your peruser needs to offer cash. There is no one method to make a triumphant grant application. Remember, outwardly the envelope, list the name of the specific grant you're asking about. </p> <p>Should you do, they will no longer peruse the rest of the exposition. There are various approaches to close your article in an intense manner. All things considered, you will create an insignificant pape r. Any better paper should than have an exceptionally clear and important point. </p> <p>The short article presents some of the potential paper questions. Remember that the individual perusing your article will have a state in whether you get a grant. One more thing to talk about to completely get a handle on the best way to create an individual paper for grants is the subjects to pick from. </p> <p>There's no perfect formula for composing a paper, yet there are a couple of fixings that you're ready to add to make it significantly all the more engaging. While it very well may be hard to propel yourself to make an exposition instead of lying in daylight, there's as yet an incredible motivation to get yourself together. For many, recounting to a story is the easiest and best intends to make a grant exposition. </p> <p>To raise the chances of your article being effective, examine the foundation you're applying to. Grant paper prompts are incredibly precarious, so you should peruse and re-read it on various occasions to spot key subjects. Application articles regularly have an extremely clear proclamation, a particular subject that ought to be secured. To win, you have to compose a short exposition about the Seventh Amendment and the manner in which it impacts your life. </p> <p>The grant exposition might be without a doubt the most critical section a grant application. The closure of your grant application article has become the most huge part the piece. Commonly, it incorporates the proposition, or point of the exposition, in the past sentence. Might you want to form a postulation explanation. </p> <p>If you need to understand how to make a paper for a grant, it is savvy to start from requesting a minimal effort custom composing help on the web. You have to remember that you shouldn't underestimate the essentialness of a solid presentation, especially when it respects the initial line. You will likewise get the opportunity to investigate a few exposition models, notwithstanding a rundown of do's and don'ts that is probably going to make the creative cycle considerably less complex for you. There's one significant thing you should know before beginning to gather material for your grant letter. </p> <p>Scholarship boards of t rustees aren't just looking for good understudies, they are regularly attempting to locate a person that suits their authoritative targets. Remember you do need to cover the administration, yet should you win any grants, the charge can be well justified, despite all the trouble. Particularly since grants are hard to get, and judges are incredibly unforgiving. Because of how measure of grants is constrained, there are numerous candidates from different areas. </p> <p>It's alluring to comply with the specific prerequisites. Paper on web a threat to security. In the occasion the application is scanning for an understudy with unrivaled evaluations, don't talk about how you bombed your absolute last math test. Your application should be typewritten and slick. </p> <h2> Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Evan Is Writing a Scholarship Essay Is Wrong </h2> <p>It's significant that you realize how to compose a grant article so you can put forth you r defense and persuade the adjudicators that you're the perfect individual for the honor. While you've never met your appointed authorities, it's as yet conceivable to here and there sleuth out somewhat about your crowd. The adjudicators need to know you with overall quite awful. They might be solicited to survey hundreds from papers. </p> <h2> The Lost Secret of Evan Is Writing a Scholarship Essay</h2> <p>By doing this you're show that you have a superior authority of the theme. Hold fast to a story structure when assembling your exposition, you'll see it less complex for you to tell your individual encounters. Ensure that your exposition is conveniently composed, and that there's a lot of blank area' on the page. You should pick your words cautiously, in light of the fact that they may make a massive impact on your exposition general achievement. </p> <h2> Getting the Best Evan Is Writing a Scholarship Essay</h2> <p>Have another indi vidual ideally someone who realizes the distinction investigate your paper after you've wrapped up. Remember that the individual perusing your article might want to give out cash. You like people who have a constructive point of view. Some of the time it's hard to audit all them and comprehend what kind of individual is a candidate. </p> <p>Make your biography seem fruitful. In spite of the way that it would make your life significantly simpler on the off chance that you could simply utilize precisely the same article more than once, you should follow headings. It is fundamental here so as to exhibit your first goals and how genuine you should transform into a part of military supplier, depicting everything that lies in your character. Another exceptional thought is to finished the paper with a basic activity to win the end opened. </p> <p>Even in case you're a superb author, you're as yet inclined to spelling and sentence structure mix-ups should you not foc us on it. Compose with energy and genuineness, and you'll absolutely establish an incredible connection. It is hard to form a tribute to yourself, and that implies you can demand a touch of composing help from individuals who realize you well. Alongside utilizing robotized spell and language structure check, have someone else take a look at your paper and confirm whether the punctuation is exact. </p>

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Database Concepts Causal Networks

Question: Describe about the Database Concepts for Causal networks. Answer: Description of the Database: Person (Id, TFN, Name, Phone) PolicyOwner (PersonId, PolicyNumber, TFN, Start-Date) InsurancePolicy (PolicyNumber, AgentNumber, PremiumAmount, CoverageAmount) Agent (AgentNumber, Name, Phone, OfficeNumber) The entities demonstrate that the whenever a person takes and insurance, all the insurance related data have to be stored in the database, and the relation between the entities will assist in retrieving the relevant information from the database. For that reason, the data have to be stored in the right way along with the definitions of the schemas. In the Person entity, the Id will be the primary key which will define the entities individual rows. TFN is a candidate key. A candidate key is a key that comprises of the potential of being a primary key. The Name and Phone are non-key attributes. In the PolicyOwner entity the PersonId and TFN together creates a primary key. The PolicyNumber is the foreign key that is the primary key of the InsurancePolicy. The start-date indicates the starting date of the policy. The start-date is more connected to the PolicyNumber than the composite primary. That concept will be used later in the study. The PolicyNumber is the primary key of the entity of the entity InsurancePolicy. The foreign key in the entity is the AgentNumber, which refers to the primary key of the Agent. AgentNumber. The AgentNumer is the primary key of the Agent entity. The Agent entity holds the information of the Agents. The Name, Phone, and OfficeNumber are the non-key attributes in the table. So from the above table, the schemas that can get are as following. Person Attribute Data type Key Type Id Varchar 2 Primary TFN Varchar 2 Candidate Name Varchar 2 Phone NUMBER PolicyOwner Attribute Data type Key Type PersonId Varchar 2 Primary (Composite) PolicyNumber NUMBER Foreign Key (InsurancePolicy. PolicyNumber) TFN Varchar 2 Primary (Composite) Start-Date DATE InsurancePolicy Attribute Data type Key Type PolicyNumber NUMBER Primary AgentNumber NUMBER Foreign Key (Agent. AgentNumber) PremiumAmount NUMBER CoverageAmount NUMBER Agent Attribute Data type Key Type AgentNumber NUMBER Primary Name Varchar 2 Phone NUMBER OfficeNumber NUMBER InsurancePolicy: Before going direct into the non-trivial Functional Dependency checking, it is important to check that if there is a functional dependency between the attributes or not. The functional dependencies say that in PolicyNumber- AgentNumber where no two same PolicyNumber will hold different agent number. From the above diagram, it can be stated that as the policy number is unique, then the relation of the PolicyNumber with all the other entities will be in functional dependencies. The non-trivial is the FD where the dependent attribute is the subset of the super attribute. So the non-trivial attributes functional dependencies are PolicyNumber- AgentNumber, PolicyNumber- PremiumAmount and PolicyNumber - CoverageAmount. The anomalies are the main reason why the decomposition are used. Here the concern is over update anomalies. The entities InsurancePolicy and Agent are connected through the AgentNumber. If ay attribute in both of the table is updated, then no effect will be on other entity. As long as the AgentNuber will not be updated no update anomalies will be there and the AgentNumber will never be updated as it is the primary key. So from the above statement, it can be stated that the no update anomalies will take place. Person: As defined in the Person entity the primary key is an atomic attribute that refers that all the attributes that are dependent on the Id have non-trivial dependencies. So from the above statement, it can be stated that Id-TFN, Id- Name, and Id-Phone indicates non-trivial dependencies. In the case of Id and TFN together, Id, TFN- Name and Id, TFN- Phone are non-trivial. It is because Id, TFN is not a superset of neither Name nor Phone. So there exist five non-trivial dependencies regarding keys in the Person table. For being in the BCNF, an entity has to be in 3rd Normal Form. The third normal for indicates that there will be no attribute that will be more dependent on the non-key attribute than key-attribute. So the entity is in also in 3rd Normal form as the attributes such as TFN, Name and Phone are solely dependent on the Id. The BCNF or Boyce-Codd Normal Form suggests that the entity must not have any key that can separately identify some of the non-key attributes. In this section, TFN is a candidate key, so it has the power to identify all the attributes uniquely. So it can be stated that Id-TFN, Name, Phone and Id, TFN - Name, Phone, so the entity is already is in BCNF. PolicyOwner: The non-trivial dependencies in the PlocyOwner will be identified on the basis of the keys. The Start-Date is dependent on PolicyNumber, and as the PolicyNumber and PersonId are the composite primary key then the dependency diagram will be PolicyNumber, PersonId - Start-Date but the start-date is not a subset of PolicyNumber, PersonId, the dependency is non-trivial. In terms of TFN, it is also dependent on the primary key. The dependency, PolicyNumber, PersonId - TFN will also be a non-trivial as the TFN is not the subset of TFN. But in the case of PolicyNumber, TFN -TFN, the dependency will be trivial. For PolicyNumber, TFN - PersonId, the dependency will be non-trivial. PolicyNumber, TFN -start-date will also be a non-trivial dependency. For being in a BCNF, an entity has to be in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd normal form. The entity Person belongs to first normal form as all the attributes are atomic, and it contains a unique identifier. The entity is also in second normal form as all the non-key attributes are completely dependent on the key attributes. The entity is also in the third normal form. It is because that the TFN and Start-Date are dependent on the composite primary key PersonId, PolicyNumber. The entity PlocyOwner is not in BCNF as the Start-Date is more dependent on the key, TFN, PolicyNumber than the PersonId, PolicyNumber. So by decomposing the table, the result will be as following. PlocyOwner (PersonId, PolicyNumber) Plocy_Start-Date (PolicyNumber, TFN, StartDate) Bibliography: Babin, M.A. and Kuznetsov, S.O., 2013. Computing premises of a minimal cover of functional dependencies is intractable.Discrete Applied Mathematics,161(6), pp.742-749. Verma, T.S. and Pearl, J., 2013. Causal networks: Semantics and expressiveness.arXiv preprint arXiv:1304.2379.

Entrepreneurship in Food and Beverage Industry

Question: Discuss about the Entrepreneurship in Food and Beverage Industry. Answer: Introduction Food and beverage industry is known as a complicated, worldwide collective of diverse businesses that supply most of the food consumed by the world population. The morn food and beverage industry includes agriculture, food dispensation, manufacturing (farm machinery, agricultural construction, seed and supplies), marketing, food service, wholesale and distribution, regulation, education, research and development, financial services and advertising. Agriculture is known as the method of producing food, feeding products and other required products by the cultivation of specific plants and the raising of domesticated animals (Chittithaworn et al., 2011). In the method of food processing, raw ingredients are transformed into food people. Several types of food production methods are one off production, batch production, and mass production and just in time production. From the time of World War II, agriculture in the United States of America and in the entire world, food system is charact erized by models that mostly focus on monetary profitability at the expense of social and environmental integrity. However, recently the conventional characteristics of food industry have changed a lot (Jolink Niesten, 2015). Companies are now focusing on human health and environment safety while manufacturing foods. A rapid change is experienced in this industry which is making it difficult for entrepreneurs to start a new venture. Challenges in Entrepreneurship in Food and Beverage Industry Establishing vision and business idea Establishing a business idea is the first challenge faced by the entrepreneurs in food and beverage industry when starting from scratch. In this industry it is quite a difficult task to find out proper business opportunity and creatively establishing an idea (Serafimova Angelkova, 2013). The first true task of an entrepreneur is to envisioning the idea. An entrepreneur must be able to see things that others cannot see. In food and beverage industry, consumer trends and demands are changing so fast that it quite challenging for the entrepreneurs to fix a particular vision for his organization. Business location Another major challenge faced by the entrepreneurs in food and beverage industry is related to the location of the business (Liang, 2014). Food and beverage companies entirely depend on the consumers living around. Therefore, it is important that they select a location where demand for food and beverage is high. Identifying such an area is a difficult task for the entrepreneurs. Qualified employees Most managers of an organization think that finding good employees is an easy task. Actually it is an easy task if labor supply is high and if other organizations in the same industry are not delivering satisfied wages and other benefits (Bridge O'Neill, 2012). However, in todays business context, most of the food and beverage companies are offering not only satisfying wages but also offering number of benefits such as incentives, bonuses payments, healthcare services and flexible working hours. Therefore, it is quite tough to attract experienced employees from other organizations. Loyal consumers This another critical challenge for the entrepreneurs while opening a new venture in food and beverage industry. In any business there are good consumers and bad consumers. Good consumers who will stay loyal with the organization and will forgive the company if any mistake is committed are hard to find in food and beverage industry. In this industry, consumers choose based on the taste of the foods, price and ambience (Schaper et al., 2014). They will never hesitate to change a restaurant if any other restaurant is offering the same food at a lower price. Extreme competition Competition in the food and beverage industry is the next challenge that entrepreneurs face while staring a new venture. Most individuals see competition as a plague; however, without competition there would be no innovation in any industry. In food and beverage industry competition is enormous (Karlan Valdivia, 2011). Famous food chains such as PizzaHut, Dominoz, Burger King and KFC are continuously introducing new products to allure consumers. In this scenario, it will be difficult for an entrepreneur to start a new venture and attract consumers. Industrial changes and trends Change in trends is a challenge than an entrepreneur must be prepared for when starting a new venture. Rapid changes in industrial trend and consumer trend have wiped out a lot of businesses (George Bock 2011). One such big example is Dot com trend; a number of industrial based organizations were wiped out by new web based dot com companies. In food and beverage industries, consumers trends change almost daily. Currently the consumers are shifting towards healthier foods. That is why; food and beverage companies are focusing on providing healthier foods. It is possible that in future this trend will change. When a trend changes, companies will higher revenue will be able to consume the shock (Khan et al., 2013). New ventures will not be able to restructure entire business to meet the new consumer and industrial trends. Entrepreneurship activities in Food and Beverage Industry In food and beverage industry, entrepreneurs are increasingly keen to change the way consumers eat. In the year of 2015, consumers have experienced the rise of Sourdough. More quirky cafes are popping up every day and the chances to rent a chef to cook are becoming common (Barringer, 2012). A number innovative stat ups are also seen in the food and beverage industry. By the end of 2014, food and beverage industry of UK was worth 103 billion. It developed new job opportunities and introduced several new products in the market. OLIO is another start up in food and beverage industry where the organization has launched a free smart phone app that allows people of London to get their hands on excess food items (Baregheh et al., 2012). Unlike other business apps, this app also helps the users to connect to local businesses. On the other hand, another trend can be seen in food and beverage entrepreneurship which is to provide health food and drinks items. These new business are using innovative concepts, fresh and healthy ingredients, fun branding and convincing messaging such as guilt-free snacking and low calorie indulgence along with ethical conscience. Until now, not much of healthy food and drink businesses has achieved success (Koellinger Roy, 2012) However, now the trend is different. Companies such as Innocent Drinks, Ellas Kitchen and Vita CoCo are gaining tremendous success. That is why, if an entrepreneur wants to open a new business in food and beverage industry, it I the best time to do that. Factors that influence of the probability of new venture success Start up venture always depends on various critical factors, which are influential for the accomplishment of success. In this context, the smooth availability of these factors are highly encouraging for creating new fast food ventures. These factors are described below: Infra-structural facilities: The external environment is highly imperative for the success of any fast food business venture. In this context, the infrastructural facilities play a significant role in encouraging the entrepreneurs for starting new fast food ventures (Hatten, 2015). The smooth operation of infrastructural facilities enables the entrepreneurs to avail communication facilities, transport, water connection, electricity, raw material, latest technology as well as industrial site. These particular elements are considered as the pillar of the fast food business operation. Therefore, the enhanced availability of these crucial fast food business elements would naturally encourage the entrepreneurs to start up new venture. In addition to that, the fast food business operation is also needed various licenses, which cannot be achieved in less developed infrastructural facilities. Economic climate: The level of entrepreneurial opportunity is considered as the major influencer for starting up new venture. Therefore, suitable economic climate is one of the most important factors for starting up a specific new venture. A suitable economic climate includes consumer demand, finance availability, economic condition as well as competitions. In addition to that, the competition is also crucial factor, as greater competition would naturally discourage any entrepreneur to start up new fast food business venture (Onetti et al., 2012). The greater numbers of fast food business venture is also immensely depended on the availability of finance. Therefore, sluggish economy would drive back the fast food business start ups, as the banking system would not be able to support a start up fast food business. Training and Guidance facilities: The facilities of training and guidance are also quite essential for starting up new fast food business ventures. Excellent training and guidance facilities are quite capable to offer enhanced access to entrepreneurial training programs as well as greater availability of consultancy facilities (McKenzie Woodruff, 2013). Without the availability of training programs and guiding facilities the entrepreneurs face critical dilemma at the time of starting production. In addition to that, without the proper guidance systems the new fast food business organizations experience critical dilemmas to manage the regulatory policies at various stages of fast food business operation. As the market factors are significantly dynamic, the new fast food business organizations are highly depended on training and guidance facilities. State Regulation: The opportunity for successful fast food business operation highly depends on the state regulations. These state regulations can therefore significantly encourage the entrepreneurs to start up new fast food business (Koellinger Roy, 2012). The success of starting up process in new business is greatly depended on the level of bureaucratic cooperation, governmental economic restrictions, foreign exchange availability as well as import and export policies. Majority of the governments in the world is focused on rapid economic development, therefore offers a favorable business environment for the entrepreneurs. These favorable business environments help the organization to attain cooperation from the bureaucratic departments. At the same time, the economic restrictions are also elevated from the new start up of fast food business. Hence, it can be easily understood that the state regulations has the capability to encourage greater numbers of fast food business start up ventures. Conclusion There is multitude of challenges are present in the market for the entrepreneurs in the context of starting up new business ventures. Despite of these challenges, the entrepreneurs has the most favorable opportunity to start up new business in the food and beverage industry. The growing popularity of the health food has created a greater opportunity for the entrepreneurs. Moreover, the less cost of production would be also vital factor making this line of business immensely profitable. The discussion has also helped to identify the major factors that would be crucial for starting up new fast food business ventures. In this context, it is suffice to say, that this market trend can change with the change of consumer perception. This possibility poses a greater threat for the new business than developed business. Therefore, the entrepreneurs also need to consider this particular threat before starting the business of healthy food. References Baregheh, A., Rowley, J., Sambrook, S., Davies, D. (2012). Innovation in food sector SMEs.Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development,19(2), 300-321. Barringer, B. (2012).Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, (2012). Bridge, S., O'Neill, K. (2012).Understanding enterprise: entrepreneurship and small business. Palgrave Macmillan. Chittithaworn, C., Islam, M. A., Keawchana, T., Yusuf, D. H. M. (2011). Factors affecting business success of small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand.Asian Social Science,7(5), 180. George, G., Bock, A. J. (2011). The business model in practice and its implications for entrepreneurship research.Entrepreneurship theory and practice,35(1), 83-111. Hatten, T. S. (2015).Small business management: Entrepreneurship and beyond. Nelson Education. Jolink, A., Niesten, E. (2015). Sustainable development and business models of entrepreneurs in the organic food industry.Business Strategy and the Environment,24(6), 386-401. Karlan, D., Valdivia, M. (2011). Teaching entrepreneurship: Impact of business training on microfinance clients and institutions.Review of Economics and statistics,93(2), 510-527. Khan, R. S., Grigor, J., Winger, R., Win, A. (2013). Functional food product developmentOpportunities and challenges for food manufacturers.Trends in food science technology,30(1), 27-37. Koellinger, P. D., Roy Thurik, A. (2012). Entrepreneurship and the business cycle.Review of Economics and Statistics,94(4), 1143-1156. Liang, Z. H. A. N. G. (2014). On career guidance of college students at the era of big data.Journal of Shijiazhuang Vocational Technology Institute,6, 019. McKenzie, D., Woodruff, C. (2013). What are we learning from business training and entrepreneurship evaluations around the developing world?.The World Bank Research Observer, lkt007. Onetti, A., Zucchella, A., Jones, M. V., McDougall-Covin, P. P. (2012). Internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship: business models for new technology-based firms.Journal of Management Governance,16(3), 337-368. Schaper, M. T., Volery, T., Weber, P. C., Gibson, B. (2014). Entrepreneurship and small business. Serafimova, M., Angelkova, T. (2013). Entrepreneurship as a modern managing intention in a direction of defining quality.

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Short Story free essay sample

Moms word stuck me like a lightning bolt. I was so shocked that I forgot to give reaction to what I had Just heard. Maybe because a part of me still believed this couldnt be true. Well, was It a joke? I looked back Into moms eyes. She was still looking at me with pitiful look in her eyes, which showed me sympathy. I wanted to ask her if she was Joking, but then I realized it would be hard to bear the pain if she said no. Instead I wanted for her to say something else or give a reaction. After a few seconds of dead silence and gazing into each others eyes, mom finally uttered a few rods. Im sorry Angelina but thats how it is, Saline has to move because her mom found a Job somewhere else, people dont always last at one place for too long. We will write a custom essay sample on Short Story or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Elf her parents want to move we can do nothing about it. Mom Washington and now I was sure of that. The pain immediately ran through me. Saline had been the best friend Eve ever had. She supported me through everything. They had been together since Grade 7 and now in Grade 9. Angelicas heart broke apart to think she would never see her best friend again. Chapter 2 There I was sitting on the porch in my backyard looking at the picture of me and Selene.It was taken last summer yet It brought me the ripe memories of the beautiful moments left behind. It all started off with both of them meeting each other on the first day of grade 7. Angelina was being picked on by a few popular freaks and Saline was the first one to stand up for her, Angelina and saline soon started to hang out and before they knew it they were best friends. Thinking about those days, Saline and I had a lot of great time. Like once, Saline and I went to an amusement park Dreamland. It was our dream to go there! That day was a BLAST! Sillies was very scared to ride the roller coaster!No! You know Im scared to go on the roller coaster! Saline shouted. Why?! Trust me when you get on it, itll be extremely fun! Angelina said excitedly. Oh good Angelina, Can you Just go alone? Selene asked. OMG! Just come with me! Angelina yelled while dragging Saline. So finally Saline got on the roller coaster, but she was very nervous. She kept saying Oh, my god help me, help me. Help me please! And finally! The roller coaster started. The roller coaster didnt even go half through and Saline started SCREAMING! I was laughing. After, guess what happened?Saline finally calmed down but this time he started wave her hand up In the air and stared to scream with Jolly Well I sure looked like she wasnt scared anymore. So afterwards we rode more rides and then went back home. Ah that day was awesome! Another great time we had was when I had a sleepover at Colleens house on Friday. We had planned everything about what were going to do at night. First when I went, we were Just talking and gossiping about school and other stuffs. But who knew? Saline made me watch a scary movie! NO!!! I HATE SCARY MOVIES! I shouted. Yeah you do, remember when you made me go on the roller coaster?!Saline said with an attitude. Yeah. But you werent scared anymore I said. Smile. Well, I had to watch the movie. I realized that I have to get used it so I wont get scared anymore. But I was REALLY scared. I cover my face with my hand, I peeked at the movie. In the middle I removed my hand because again I knew I have to get used to it. I was a bit scared but I watched the movie. After I thought to myself that ghosts arent real so why should I be scared? So then I was never ever scared of horror movies! Thanks to Saline! So that night we had a lot of fun! We ate, talked and played Ames.Chapter 3 Tears fell from my eyes. I could help it. The thought was painful. The day passed. I couldnt eat, sleep or concentrate on anything. One day when Angelina was sitting in her bed alone, when her mom came in, she said Sweetie, you cant stay like this for your whole life. Sillinesss moving on Friday, how about you spend the time before she leaves with her that day? l guess thats a pretty good idea I replied. The last thing I wanted to do was not see my best friend for the last time. Chapter 4 Every day was passing like months. I couldnt wait to meet Saline on Friday.I decided to make her a friendship bracelet in the meantime to remember me. This summer break was going to be really fun in Toronto only if Saline was here. A few questions constantly kept running through my mind, was fate really going to separate the 2 friends or was a miracle going to happen which would make Saline not move away? I already knew the answer but it wasnt any harm to see a ray of hope. Chapter 5 Finally the day arrive when it was time for 2 best friends to meet for the last time. Saline arrived at Angelicas house and they both gazed into each others eyes. Both of hem could feel the pain the other was feeling. They both hugged each other tightly. They did all the things the 2 friends did whenever they had time. Gossip, eat favorite foods, watch favorite show and gossip again. But, there was something different today. Both of them had a fear in them today of separating and want of staying with each other. They wanted to enjoy themselves to their full extent. The day passed faster than usual. For some reason whenever I start having fun, time rushes through me, Angelina thought. Before they realized, Salines mom and dad were here to pick her up. A cold breeze ran through me as they opened the door.Chapter 6 Fate had revealed itself. Saline and I could never be together. Tears ran through my eyes. It felt as if a ray of hope tarnished. Salines eyes had also filled with tears. Suddenly I remembered something. THE GIFT! I shouted running up the stairs and getting the friendship bracelet. I had the gift I put it on Salines hand. She looked at me with innocent eyes and we hugged each other. This was probably the worst part of the day. Saline slowly walked into the car, and to Angelicas surprise came right This is for you, said Saline with a bright smile and left getting back into the car.The car left with Salines hand sticking out saying goodbye. I watch the car till the car was out of my view. I ran back into the house bawling. After a few minutes I remembered about the gift Saline gave me. I quickly opened the box and was shocked to see what was inside. It was a wacky-tacky that Saline and I had tried to fix for 3 years. Saline had fixed it by herself and given Angelina the other pair. Angelina finally understood fate didnt want to separate the friends no matter how far away they were, they were still close. Short Story free essay sample He swapped the places with her. He was now facing the man and staring him in the face. The man had not expected this, his next reaction to walk away from there. Before he could do anything, the arrival of the bus created a hustle in the background. The big red bus at that time of the day caught everyone’s attention. Their eyes reverted to the bus. It was more crowded than expected. He wondered whether they should take that bus or wait for another. He diverted his focus towards her. Their eyes met and she seemed to be pleading him to get aboard the bus. He understood the request perfectly. He took her hand and made a gesture at her to keep walking with him to the entrance of the bus. Amidst the crowd, he managed to get to the door and he slowly helped her get on the bus. We will write a custom essay sample on Short Story or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He was engrossed in making things perfect for her. Even if that meant, taking the extra step and the extra burden. He was standing too close to her at that moment and looking down at her. She was staring at the ground. This sight made some travelers around them uncomfortable. They started speaking in hushed tones. The ticket conductor noticed this and came to stand near them. He coughed and gestured at them to buy the ticket. Manav looked up to face him. He realized the embarrassment he was causing her and to the people around. He moved slightly away from her. He bought the tickets and shifted his gaze around the bus and towards the ladies seat, if he could find any place for her to sit. Suddenly his face lit up and there was a smile on his face from ear to ear. Mehek noticed that expression and was puzzled at this. Then she turned to look in the direction Manav was staring at. His eyes were focusing at the far front area of the bus which contained an empty seat in the overcrowded bus. She was confused as to why no one had taken that place. She turned to look at him and then followed the direction of his finger which pointed at a scribbling painted in red above the seat. Then she understood the reason of that smile and wondered that how much he cared for her. She had been holding on to tears for long but this time when they made an attempt to leak out of her eyes, she made no attempt to stop them and looked down to avoid having Manas notice them. He again held her hand and tried to wade through the crowd. He wanted to be the first one to reach the seat. She quietly followed him without looking up. She winced due to the pain which arose suddenly in her ribs but held her free palm against her mouth from crying out aloud. Finally, Mehek heaved a sigh of relief when they arrived at their destination, before the actual destination. He made a gesture towards her to take the seat. She shyly moved across him. Her flowing hair brushed against his face. He couldn’t help but smell the fragrance her hair seem to radiate. For once, he closed his eyes and felt like getting lost in there. But this was not the time. She took the seat and looked up at him to express her gratitude. He gave her a quick smile and chose to stand close to her. He did not want her to feel uncomfortable due to the crowd around. Now, there was a pin drop silence between them. He just concentrated on her and she seemed to be lost in thought. She was playing with her hair. A strand had fallen off from behind her ear. She was winding circles of it around her little finger. At that moment, he watched her closely. She was stunningly beautiful but the issue had taken a toll on her feeble shoulders. The pain had not disappeared behind those wrinkles which had managed to stay on her cheeks. She looked tired and defeated fighting the problems and it appeared as if she had given up on her destiny. The burning desire to fight had burned down somewhere. She seemed to have lost the zeal to live. Thoughts from the past started floating in his mind. He thought of the first sight of her. That corridor, where she was walking from opposite direction, lost in her thoughts. She was dressed in a white salwar kameez and her dupatta was flowing down from her neck till her waist. He could not take his eyes off that dream like beauty walking in front of him. Few moments just passed by. In the meanwhile, she had walked closer to him and he observed her precisely. Manav could not help but gape at the swollen portion of her eyes. This made his thoughts fly in random directions. Was it due to excessive crying or lack of sleep? She had stopped walking suddenly and had turned sideways. His eyes followed the movement of her eyes which were now focused on a board hung outside ‘that’ room. He had kept walking till he moved next to her. She had not moved an inch from outside that room. She just stood staring at that board with watery eyes. He could not fathom the reason of her presence there. What was she doing there alone? Was it for herself or she was accompanying someone? His mind and heart were not working in sync. He wanted to ditch his eyes and not believe what was happening in front of him. This was the same room from where he had walked out of some minutes ago. The dreaded room and the worst news of his life, he had walked them alone. His heart kept shouting ‘That was not possible’. She could not be there for the same reason, for he was there. Then, he witnessed the worst. There was a stream of tears running down her cheeks. She was sobbing uncontrollably. He went ahead to offer her a tissue. Ma’am, please wipe your tears. Take this napkin, please. † She looked up to meet his eyes and could not hold herself back. She just held his shoulder and kept crying. Someone had spoken to her so kindly after ages. Else, she had been facing the desertion and discrimination from everyone. He slowly caressed her hair, the touch felt so soft and a fragr ance seemed to be radiate from there. Then she said those words he did not want to hear. â€Å"Can you please come with me to this section? I am alone and I am afraid to take the step. † Although, he wanted the words he was hearing to be a lie, but it was the truth. She was walking down the same lane as he was. They both were sailing in the same boat of life. He took her hand and they both walked inside together. He wondered that such is the irony of life, he did not know her till few minutes back and now, he was accompanying her to that destination which probably held the destiny of both of them. He wanted to know her side of the story although he knew it would resemble his own. In the meanwhile, they had reached the center of ‘that’ room. There was a man dressed in white coat sitting behind the table. He saw the girl and smiled. â€Å"Welcome Mehek, How are you now? She tried to force a smile but could only move her lips slightly. She answered feebly â€Å"I am feeling weak†. Then the man noticed him, he had just walked out of his office after his own treatment. Now, he was back with his girl. He was helping Mehek to sit on the chair. How did he know her? Brushing aside all his thoughts, the doctor picked up the file. He a ddressed the girl. â€Å"Look Mehek, you have to be strong from inside first. Don’t lose heart and keep the determination going. If you lose your faith, how will we go on with the treatment? Have you been taking the medicines properly? She did not utter a word and just nodded in the answer. He did her check – up and asked her about the food she had been eating. He gave her medicines and asked her to see him again after two days. She just nodded in agreement. Manav had been observing everything in silence. He realized how helpless a human being can be in such circumstances. Again, she had started sobbing and muttering something under her breath which he could not understand. He waited for the doctor to say something but even he seemed confused as to how to respond. He again picked up a tissue from the doctor’s table. But this time, he wiped her tears. The doctor sat there silently to witness this. Then he understood the relation between them, the biggest relation of all – The humanity. Now, it was Manav’s turn to speak up. He asked the doctor. â€Å"Is there any extra precaution or care we need to take for her? † Doctor smiled, â€Å"Just try to keep her happy. † He held her hand and helped her move out of the room. She kept walking behind him without asking a question. They reached another section of the hospital where a familiar smell hit her nose. She raised her eyes to see where they were. She saw that he had bought her a sandwich to eat. After few moments of hesitance, she took it and started eating. He sat there watching her eat. Then, she spoke to him directly for the first time. She said, â€Å"My name is Mehek. I don’t know how to thank you for all this help when you did not even know me. I really don’t know what you must be thinking about me? All I can say is I am very lonely and shattered at the moment. † She stopped speaking abruptly after this. Manav said, â€Å"I am going through the same phase as you are. So, you do not have to thank me. † â€Å"You must be wondering why did I come here alone. When my family came to know about it, they told me that I had bought a shame to their name. I was thrown out of my own house in the middle of the night by my family. They do not want to keep any connection with me. They think that I have done something unthinkable to deserve this fate. My sister does try to contact me sometimes, but even she is bound by the rules of the family. People around me treat me as untouchable. † She could not speak any further. Manav could feel the replay of the entire scene in his mind as if someone was narrating his own story. He kept his hand over hers and said, â€Å"Mine is a very similar story. From today, do not think that you are alone. I am there for you always. I acquired this disease when I went to donate blood in a camp. They used an unsterilized syringe and I was left with an entire lifetime to suffer the consequences of someone else’s mistake. † Now, he realized that even his eyes were moist. This was Mehek’s turn to be surprised. She recalled the fateful day when she went to donate the blood in the small hospital to save the life of a complete stranger. The mistake on part of the hospital had left her HIV positive. Now, she was struggling to save her own life. Their stories were so similar. After this revelation, they had become comfortable with each other. They picked up their medicines. He asked her where he could drop her. She said that she had no place to live and had spent the night at one Dharamshala. He smiled and said, â€Å"Now, you have a place to live. You are going to stay with me, if you are fine with that. † Mehek thought how much a stranger was doing for her. That was a start of a new journey for these two complete strangers. The bus came to a screeching halt and he was jolted back to reality. Their destination had arrived or rather they had travelled to their destination. He helped her wade through the crowd to the exit door of the bus. They slowly walked to their home from the bus stop amidst the total silence. He opened the door. He asked her, â€Å"Would you have a cup of coffee? † She declined and said that she was going to bed to sleep. She moved closer to him and hugged him suddenly very tightly like never before. She wanted to say something, he thought. But she stood there in silence without moving. He touched her hair and caressed her. She then kissed him on his cheek and bade him a good night. They walked to the bedroom together holding each other’s hand. She wanted to sleep on his lap that day. He loved to see her sleep. He happily obliged the request. Before falling asleep, she said, â€Å"Manav, had you not been there, I would not have been able to make this journey. Thanks for everything. I want a promise from you that you will be my fellow star when we will meet in heaven out of this world. † He smiled at her innocence and said, â€Å"Thanks to you also. Without you, nothing would be possible and you have my promise. † Then he watched her go to sleep. There was a unusual serenity on her face. He started thinking about the journey of fighting the dreaded disease which they had made together. He admired how they stood as support of each other, when they were deserted by their own family and friends, how perfectly they understood each other, how much little they knew about each other, when they decided to make the journey together. How they had become the ‘Perfect Strangers’ He took her hand which was kept on his thigh and he happened to touch her pulse. He could not believe that there was no pulse at all. Now, he realized why she wanted that promise and why she hugged him. He quietly took her face off his lap and lied down next to her to meet her in the next adventure, where they would shine together forever. Short story free essay sample Short story jealous Tina and Susan were best friend from primary school until now. Tina is a girl with pretty face, smart brain and she had a good interpersonal relationship. Susan is a girl that hard-working but dull. Tina was her only friend and the best friend. It seems that everything of Susan Is better. Comparing cannot be avoided. What a good weather! Tina said. Then , what can we do? I suggest Susan answered. Walt, walkout forget our biology SABA and Math test, dont you? Oh! My wonderful planning. Susan and Tina spent an afternoon time in the study room.Susan, have you review your math test? It seems that will be very difficult. I have Just done the exercises behind the book once, You are talent. I spent a lot of time on it, but I still dont understand. I new you. I need to back home to finish my vexatious homework and continue my revision. We will write a custom essay sample on Short story or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then see you tomorrow , Tina. Susan studied whole night, but she soul could not get a good result. Instead, Tina only spent few hours in the study room and she got the highest marks in the class. Tina was over the Joy and Susan was sad and envious of her high score.Tina, why you only study few hours and get a good result? Can you teach me? ; Maybe I am a talent l There was a boy called Stephen, he was in Tina and Susan class. He is tall and handsome, he had a good academic result ,halls special feature was the boy crush on Tina for a long long time. One night, Stephen confessed Tina that he loved her, Tina was so frightened, she didnt know what to do. So she found Susan. Susan, help me! whats going on Stephen said he loved me , what can I do? What? He said he loved you? On My God! Why always you ?Everything oh are better than me! Why, I love him, I loved him for 5 years! Susan shouted angrily. Sorry, Susan I cannot control it! Even though you are my best friend and the only friend. After this event, when Tina contacted Susan, she did not give her any response. Until Stephen found Susan , Susan, whats happening on you . And Tina? She was very sad from previous months until now. Nothing. Please, dont cheat me, I know that you loved me, is Tina told me. She felt sorry for you. Please, forgive her. In fact, I forgive her, because she was my only friend.She beard my bad temper she taught me patiently. Thats great, I wish you can be friends again with Tina. Sure l Suddenly, the phone rang. Susan, Tina was commit suicide herself l What? Susan was so astonished. She did not believe it, she thought Just a Joke. I am not kidding, Tina was in hospital and rescued my the doctor. Please come to BBC hospital quickly. When Susan went to hospital , Tina was died. Susan angry herself, why she did not forgive.